Willowsford Farm CSA Membership
2017 Policies and Agreement

Thank you for joining and welcome to Willowsford Farm! 

By joining our CSA program, you acknowledge and understand that Willowsford Farm will act in good faith to provide a weekly share of produce for approximately 27 weeks, from mid-May to late-November. It is our work to turn sunlight into an abundance of fresh and nutritious food that tastes good, and we work diligently to ensure its availability.

By joining our CSA program, you agree to share in the rewards and the risks inherent to farming – this is the nature of the endeavor, and is part of the close relationship you have with your food through the farm. There are always risks in farming and there is no guarantee on the exact amount of produce you will receive for your share. Some crops may never be planted or may die due to forces or conditions beyond our control.

We generally plant enough of a given vegetable to make it available in normal amounts during the time of year that vegetable is in season in our climate. There are many factors that allow us to offer more or less of a vegetable in a given week: convention, weather and Mother Nature, time, space, and labor availability. So the amount and the variety of harvest will vary depending on the season and conditions, favoring different crops at different times of year. Some crops are available for only a few weeks a year, while others may be available for many weeks in succession. The Farm chooses what goes into a share each week based on what is ripe and ready to harvest. This is part of the fun of growing and eating in CSA!


We are likewise committed to and responsible for providing eggs and all other share options during the season stated at purchase. For items that we do not produce ourselves, we are responsible for making available during that share’s season. We promise transparency and reliability in bringing these items to you!



CSA is a commitment.  Please be prepared to come and pick up your share every week during the growing season!  Of course, if you can’t make it one week please arrange for a friend or neighbor to pick up your share.


You agree to pick up your weekly share available as assembled each week at your designated day, time, and location for the length of the season.

* Because we harvest fresh for each pickup day and harvests are balanced through the week, the number of shares available on a given pickup day is limited. Please understand that there are limited numbers of shares for each pickup day, and likewise that you are agreeing to pick up your share on your designated day for the length of the season.  We do our best to ensure your pickup time matches your preference but cannot guarantee your choice of pickup day. These will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis via the online sign-up process.



Please provide us with at least one email address so that we can stay in contact throughout the season.  This is important!  Email communication allows us to share important information about your shares, the farm and Farm Stand, and the community.

You agree to read and to stay informed through all of our CSA newsletters and private emails.  Important and vital information will be marked as “Important”.  Please add us to your address book to protect our communication from spam filters.



By joining the Willowsford Farm CSA you agree to follow these guidelines:

  • I will observe pick-up times. I understand that shares are not available until the specified pick-up time, and likewise, will not be available after the pick-up window has closed.
  • I cannot double up on missed shares. If I cannot make a pick-up, I will send a friend or neighbor or use the hold feature in my online account to forfeit the share. Forfeited shares will be donated to Loudoun Interfaith Relief or to the Dulles South Food Pantry.
  • I will sign in before gathering my share(s) and make sure anyone who picks up my share for me is aware of this policy.
  • I understand and agree that failure to retrieve my share(s) during the designated time for the week will not result in a refund; my subscription is nonrefundable. 
  • I understand that there will be a $5.00 convenience fee if my request to pick up my share after missing a pickup is granted.





Name: ________________________



At Willowsford Farm, we respect your privacy absolutely. You have our word that we will not sell, barter, give away, or rent out your personal information.

The contact information you provide is for our use only. The software we use to operate our online Shop ("CSAware", by employs industry-standard security measures, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on all pages where your personal information is required. Your credit card information is made available only to our credit card processing company, as is necessary to facilitate payment of your order. Once payment for your order is processed, your credit card number is permanently discarded from the CSAware servers to prevent any potential unauthorized use. For automatically renewing orders, we use the third party credit card processor proprietary customer information management system to store and protect your credit card information on their secure servers.