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SECOND HALF OF 2017 SEASON Weekly box of seasonal, fresh veggies distributed over 11 weeks. Members receive weekly recipes, newsletter, and access to CSA-special cooking classes.

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Our shares include a variety of naturally grown produce. Large Shares contain 8-10 items each week and are great for a family, couples who eat a lot of vegetables, and for sharing with friends and family; Small Shares contain 4-5 items and are great for couples and people or families who don't use a full share's worth of veggies, or who may be new to CSA.

Most weeks you can expect one or more of the following in a large share: cooking greens, salad greens or lettuce, an herb or spice, a member of the Allium family (incl onions, garlic, leeks and scallions), in-season fruiting vegetables (including tomatoes, peppers, squash), a root crop, and a starch (potatoes, winter squash, sweet potatoes). These are general guidelines but we seek a balance in culinary uses, colors and nutritional qualities.

A small share includes 4-5 items selected from the same week's Regular share. Most weeks this will include fresh greens for salad or light cooking.

An item is a standard portion of produce, such as a bunch of greens or carrots, one winter squash, a head of garlic, 2 lbs of potatoes or sweet potatoes...

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