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Pasture raised whole chicken. Birds average 4-5 lbs. Like our laying hens, they are supplemented with a non-GMO feed. Available weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly (24, 12 or 6 birds for the duration). Weekly price is based on a 4.5 lb chicken.

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1 x whole bird each share, available weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly to fit your interest. These are our own! Birds average 4-5 lbs and are $19 each. This is a great value for pasture raised chicken. Like our laying hens, they are fed a non-GMO feed with no antibiotics or hormones. Some birds can be available fresh (please inquire), they are otherwise recently frozen. June through November (6, 12 or 24 birds).

From one of our customers:

"Wanted to give you my unsolicited feedback on your chicken. First, I love the packaging. Most farms just put in a plastic bag and when it thaws in fridge, it leaks juices so I've got in habit of always putting it in a dish to thaw. Your packaging did not leak. The bird was a beautiful color and good size. The breast was apparent. Sometimes I can't figure out which side is backbone and which is breast side. I'll leave it at that....LOL. The bird was the cleanest I've ever seen. Normally, I'm picking off a few feathers on the wings. Also, I really appreciated having the skin prepared like twine so that I could put the drumsticks together and put them through the skin to hold them together. Not sure if that was intentional on your part or just the bird I got, but I recommend doing that to all birds because not a lot of farms do that AND it makes prep work easier. Last, but not least, it was really yummy! Not sure what you are doing different to these birds, but the taste was really tender and delicious."

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